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Vet Steroids

Veterinary Steroids

Veterinary steroids can be very effective drugs. For some reason, be it by chance or whatever, we haven’t got a lot of negative feedback on side effects with them. They’ve actually translated into some pretty impressive gains for the most part.Why take veterinary drugs as opposed to regular anabolic steroids manufactured for human consumption? We’ll, veterinary drugs are just different drugs. It helps not to think of them as a strictly ‘for animal consumption’ compound, but rather, to think of them only as another form of anabolic steroids.

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To touch on a few of them…

Winstrol V (stanozolol) was created to help underweight dogs and cats recover from wasting diseases and other debilitations that cause them to lose 1/3 of their mass weight or more. It’s a fairly weak anti -catabolic/anabolic in the amounts that a black lab might take it, but given in 1-2 cc doses, 3 times per week, it can be a productive addition to any cycle.

Equipoise (boldenone undecyclenate) was created specifically for equine use (horses). Often used in racehorses to increase performance during training phases, EQ increases red blood cell production, thereby increasing oxygen uptake. As an androgen, it causes maximum muscle gain in the shortest duration, It’s also used as a weight gain compound for emaciated horses or to step up testosterone production in stallions. This drug can produce monster strength gains and tremendous muscle when taken in a 2cc dose 2-3 times per week.

Finaplix pellets (trenbolone acetate) were developed as an androgen for cattle and livestock to, essentially, produce as much meat as possible prior to slaughter. But because they are marketed in pellet form, bodybuilders have to find a way to get these into a form that could be delivered to the human body since pellet transplant isn’t exactly an easy task for a layperson. See my profile on Finaplix for more info. The best thing about veterinary drugs is that they don’t often carry with them a lot of potential for water retention or side effect; at least from what we have seen. Winstrol V, in my opinion, is virtually side effect free. Your experience with it may be different, but we don’t think we’ve ever talked to anyone who hates taking Winstrol because of the side effects! And if you’ve ever tried a Winstrol V + Equipoise stack, you know why bodybuilders like vet steroids: strength, hardness, definition, and size. They really can be great. If veterinary drugs are such ‘great’ drugs in terms of performance enhancement, why do they carry with them such a stigma? Part of the problem is the media.

Naturally, when you hear reports of steroids being created out of inferior ingredients and made in environments that aren’t particularly sterile, you cringe, thinking “I don’t want to put something filthy into my muscles!” Packaging is also to blame… you’ll read, not fit for human consumption on some of these products and think, that must mean that it’s poison. There was a report a while back out of Mexico, saying that veterinary steroids were being manufactured with no quality control, a lack of concern for cleanliness and included ingredients that were “questionable”. The report, in my opinion, had some validity. we know that Mexico, specifically, doesn’t always produce the highest quality drugs, but we also know that they put a high value on their herd animals and, truthfully, probably always create steroids for veterinary use that are at least as good as the veterinary drugs in other countries. Whether it was true or not isn’t the point. we know that the Winstrol V and Equipoise we ve tested from Mexico, Canada, America and many other nations, have all been potent enough to produce results and, more times than not, have been clean of any harmful bacteria. Which is more than can be said for even some fly by-night supplement companies here in the U.S.

Personally, I think the people who have the biggest problem with vet steroids are usually those that have never had any experience with any kind of anabolic, gathering information from some lame expose, who condemns the use of vet drugs. Some people think vet steroids are worthless but the ironic thing about that is that you can actually get a bigger bang for the buck with vet drugs because most of them were created for animals with weight that far exceeds our own. If you look at it that way, you could conclude that we only need take a 10th or so of what they need in order to get the same result. we don’t know if there’s anything to this theory or not, because it’s just a theory. But we really do believe that combining one injectable veterinary steroid, with one human oral and one human injectable, creates the best possible cycle. Somw also like to recommend, as we said, two injectable veterinary drugs together.

It is very common for bodybuilders to use veterinary steroids for a precontest cycle. Since they are typically assimilated quickly, they do the best work in the shortest amount of time, and are generally out of the system relatively fast in comparison to other ‘roids. And, believe it or not, usually people see fewer side effects when using vet products than when using human ones. Why take anything else? Maybe not ‘why take anything else’, but why not include veterinary steroids, in one form or another, in every cycle? In my mind, veterinary drugs should really be everyone’s choice for extreme condition and definition. They combine well with androgens and other anabolics as well as any drug in the human realm of anabolic steroids. The only problem, these days anyway, is availability. You can find them in Mexico, but you risk fakes, counterfeits, lower quality, or lower dose per ml. You also, of course, face the possibility that you’ll be stopped.