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Steroid FAQ

The Most Common Steroid Questions

We get so many questions each month that we find it hard to answer as many as we would like. We only have so much time for the many varied questions I receive. However, there are certain questions asked often that merit answering on a regular basis. Have a question you think should be included? Please, Contact Us!

Q: How do I choose the size of needle to use when I inject a steroid, and what do the numbers mean?

A: This is a question I’m asked often. The number does, indeed, represent the gauge of the needle, but it’s deceiving because the larger the number, the smaller the diameter and thickness of the needle.

In general, the steroid and its viscosity will dictate the needle diameter. Here is a good guide:

> Oil-based or Large particle water-based (Winstrol V):
— 22-23 gauge needles: 1-1 5 inches in length (This size is good for injections in the gluteus and thigh areas for deep muscle injection)

Thigh or Deltoid:
> Oil-based or Finely ground water-based (Test. Suspension/Zambon Winstrol):
— 25 gauge needles: 5/8 inch (Can use for oil injections, or small particle water based ‘roids in deltoid and thigh area)

> Insulin, HCG, GH:
— 27-28 gauge needles: 1/2 inch in length (Used for subcutaneous injection or intramuscular injections into smaller areas)

Q: How long should I stay on a cycle of drugs?

A: This is a very basic question, but it’s asked often enough to merit printing in this book. I cannot recommend actual duration to any one person since there are so many factors that go into determining this. Bodies differ and so do their reaction to drugs and duration. However, I can give you some basic guidelines. First, you have to consider the toxicity of the steroids you’re including in any cycle. Are they a mixed bag? Are some more toxic than others? If so, you’ll have to use the strongest drugs in the middle of your cycle and sandwich them with less toxic drugs. For instance, if youre taking 17-alpha alkylated drugs and high doses of rapidly aromatized drugs, you’ll want to make sure you remain on these for a shorter time. If taking drugs such as Primobolan (not a 17-alpha alkylated drug), Deca-Durabolin or Equipoise, then you may wish to remain on them longer. Secondly, the thing you need to concern yourself with when taking drugs like the latter, is if you might be burning out receptor sites and reducing the effectiveness of the drugs in your system by remaining on a long-term cycle. My best advice? Don’t haphazardly combine drugs. When combining drugs, consider your cycles duration and use drugs that do well in the long or short term.

Q: Needles can be so expensive in states where you need a prescription that I was wondering If I could reuse needles if it’s just me using them?

A: I don’t recommend it. I know that people do, but its a real risk for infection and even tissue death at the site of the injection. I have friends who swear by boiling needles, and use them at least 2-3 times to be “thrifty”. The main problem with this is the fact that air is typically trapped in the needle’s shaft and will prevent water from circulating in to sterilize that area. Blood and tissue has touched the inner portion of the needle and can breed bacteria. The other problem in reusing needles is the fact that the needle tips become dull after even one use. Remember, the needle is dulled slightly each time it is plunged into the rubber stopper on top of the drug vial. And it is dulled when it is plunged into your skin and muscle. Using it after this can prove to be fairly painful. In fact, you have to push the needle tip into the skin once it is dulled, and that can cause welts, or even abscesses. I know that the cost of a needle can run up to $2 on the black market, but it’s worth it, if for no other reason than to prevent tragedy. Besides, if you do your homework, you can find needles as cheap as $.35 apiece! There’s really no excuse to reuse them.

Q : Why is it so painful to inject Winstrol V into my calves and thighs?

A: Even though Winstrol V is a water-based steroid, it’s full of large drug particles that don’t dissolve in water. That makes its entry painful. Not only do you need a larger needle to inject them, you need a larger muscle group as well. But it’s more complicated than that. The calves are a small muscle group, but they’re also a much more dense muscle group than the gluteus muscles. They tend to spasm at the slightest entry of a needle, which is probably what you’ve experienced in injecting your calves. Combine this with the fact that Winstrol solids hurt while going in, and you have a really painful experience. The thighs are dense too, which causes a lot of pain during injection of a larger needle, but at least the thighs are a larger muscle group than the calves. The other issue is that the legs are much more crossed with veins and blood vessels and are more dangerous for injection as a result. This is really what I’d be most concerned about. However, theyre both painful. To most people, the calves are unbearable. My advice is to stick to the glutes, or inject substances that can go through insulin needles into these areas.

Q: How can I avoid the aggression I experience with a drug cycle? My girlfriend has threatened to leave me if I don’t clean up my act and be normal…

A: Aggression is a concern for a lot of bodybuilders as well as their spouses or mates. If you’re the sort who reacts to supplementary steroids with aggression, then you’re going to have to deal with it just like you deal with avoiding aromatization of roids and find a solution that works. I somewhat discuss this in the side effects chapter and relay that I feel that everyone should be able to overcome ‘impulse control problems’, triggered by steroids. I find, however, that bodybuilders are lazy and prefer to “act out on this aggression rather than try to remedy the situation by stemming use or developing a coping mechanism. The obvious choice is to avoid drugs that bring out the worst in you. The next choice is to develop a system by which you can disengage from the aggression before you say or do something that you may regret. There isn’t a lot out there on this subject and I think there should be. It’s a serious bummer to have to deal with someone who is amped up’ on drugs and in your face for no reason. It’s especially dangerous for a woman to have to deal with a man who is like this. If it begins happening more often and you aren’t willing to stop steroid use to curtail this problem, seek counseling!