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Urgent Testosterone Alert To All Muscle Hungry Bodybuilders! Read This Now…
Scientists Create World’s First “Gene Specific” Testosterone Pill…

Hands Down The Most Powerful
Testosterone Ever Made!

Dear friend,

As you know, testosterone is the “king” of all muscle building hormones in the body. After all, every anabolic steroid is derived from testosterone. Dianabol, Deca, Anadrol 50, Sustenon 250 (which is pure testosterone)… all of them!

So the point is, if the “love of money is the root of all evil…” then the love of testosterone is the “root” of all muscle!

Gene Specific Testosterone Is The
“New Evolution” For Getting Beastly Huge!

First, let’s define the term “gene specific” so you’ll know exactly what you’ll be “educated on!” Gene specific simply means your own natural testosterone that is “gene coded” to fit into the nucleus of the cell.

Anabolic Steroids Are Synthetic Versions Of The Male Hormone, Testosterone.And, this testosterone is hands down the most potent testosterone ever created… here’s why!

The fact that you are reading shows that you are a serious bodybuilder! And since most serious bodybuilders take care of themselves so well, they have better than “average” hormone system to begin with. And you can really feel the power of your own testosterone during those “easy muscle growth” years between ages 14 and 20! Hell, who needed steroids… your body was sprouting muscles left and right because your testosterone production was the highest it will ever naturally get!

In fact, most pros will tell you they put on 30-40 pounds of natural muscle… before they ever added synthetics!

But here’s what most guys don’t know! The amount of test being produced, even by genetic freaks, is very low. Between 5-10 mg a day, and the vast majority of this is “bound” and not usable to build muscle! So the second big point is… you must increase your natural test production as well!

This is awesome because if TestoXterone only “freed up” your test and made it more usable… it would still be a huge advantage over synthetic testosterone because now more of your gene specific testosterone would be available! And many, many very good testosterone compounds work on this premise alone… just freeing up your own testosterone.

But, TestoXterone also has a “juggernaut” gene specific testosterone enhancer… so you get a double barrel testosterone effect!

And TestoXterone does this by including what’s called a suicide enzyme inhibitor! Now, don’t let the word “suicide” scare you! You want this enzyme “killed” because it’s the one that shuts down your hormone production after you get in your early 20’s! And, you don’t want your hormone system to shut down… but the body “wants” to because its past its prime growth stage and no longer needs such large hormonal outputs!TestoXterone: Triggers Muscle Growth

But you want a large hormonal output! And that’s why TestoXterone contains this special “suicide enzyme inhibitor”… it virtually kills the enzyme that shuts down your natural production of testosterone.

New 22nd Century Technology
Triggers Muscle Growth
Even Faster!

But check this out… TestoXterone also contains nucleotides which are normally derived from a term you should know well, DNA, which stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid. These nucleotides are a triggering mechanism to assist what’s called mRNA or messenger Ribonucleic Acid. And, as you may know, this is the same way testosterone ignites muscle growth… by first stimulating mRNA! This then sets the intricate muscle building process in motion!

This again, illustrates the power of “gene specific” testosterone. Think about it for a second! During your earliest natural growth years you may have been packing on muscle with only .5mg of gene specific test! Look at the decimal point carefully… that’s half of a milligram!

Remember, even if you are a natural testosterone freak, you will produce, at most, 10mg of natural test a day. But also remember, about 90% of this test is bound by what’s called test hormone binding globulin… and it made null and void for muscle building purposes, because, as the name implies, this hormone is a binding hormone which binds testosterone making it useless for building muscle.

TestoXterone Makes More Gene Specific Testosterone And Then Frees It Up! The Best Of Both Worlds!

Now imagine for a moment if our “test freak”, who cranks out 10mg of natural test a day, actually used 90% of it (9mg) instead of the typical 10%… Oh my, he’d be a menace to society… and to every other bodybuilder within earshot.

Basically, this would be adding 9 times more testosterone than normal to his “system!” Hell, who would ever need synthetic test at that point?

But better still, what if you could simultaneously increase the natural production of this already “natural freak’s” test even more? Man, this guy would become an entire “zip code” by himself!

OK, so let’s wrap this up! TestoXterone contains anti-sex hormone-binding globulin agents, along with a suicide enzyme inhibitor that causes massive secretion of LH (leutenizing hormone), which is then leads to massive amounts of test! Now let’s do a little bio-chemical magic and attach special nucleotides to all this gene specific test you’ll be spewing out and you’ll engage the muscle building process like there’s no tomorrow!

And you’ll get strong as hell too, as you “rage” in the gym! Seriously, TestoXterone was formulated to nearly triple free testosterone levels… and nearly quadruple natural test output for a one – two punch that will make you a super test freak! Oh, and one more thing! You’ll also get wickedly shredded too! Because remember, TestoXterone is a powerful testosterone component that offsets estrogen. You will find yourself with a super dense, super hard look!

Well, that’s exactly the scientific principles behind TestoXterone. First, to “free up” as much of your natural test as possible and then to dramatically increase the amount of natural testosterone your body produces. Gene specific testosterone… by far, the most potent test you can get!

Testosterone Enhancement Pill, TestoXterone from Red X Labs
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So quick, call now and experience the World’s most potent, gene specific testosterone that you can only get from TestoXterone!

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