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As Pro Baseball Players Get Bigger, So Do Their Health Risks

THURSDAY, March 4 (HealthDay News) — The fattening of America has touched even professional baseball players: A new study contends they’ve been getting heavier and bulkier over the past century, resulting in a higher risk of weight-related disease and death. Eric L. Ding, a research fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health, examined the [...]

Alex Rodriguez Carries Steroid Baggage Again

Luggage, or in a more accurate term baggage, is something that the New York Yankees have become used to carrying in recent year. With Andy Pettitte, Roger Clemens, Jason Giambi, Gary Sheffield, and most recently, Alex Rodriguez, the Yankees have a rich, recent history of being embroiled in steroid scandals. Fresh off of another World [...]

Player’s Union and Steroids

There are reports saying that major league baseball will be administering blood tests for HGH to minor leaguers this season. The player’s union has already stated that they prefer the testing use urine samples instead of blood. It is typical of the player’s union to cloud the issue by saying there is a better alternative [...]

Book thrown at McGwire

Jay McGwire heard big brother Mark McGwire say last month he only took steroids to heal, and not to get stronger. That doesn’t match Jay’s recollection. “Mark knew that he was going to get the strength and endurance and size. I know that the main motive to justify taking steroids was healing,’’ Jay McGwire said [...]

Starcaps case is a blow to NFL drug policy

Minnesota and New Orleans fans have reason to cheer, but the recent blow struck against the NFL’s drug-testing program is nothing to celebrate. In a move that greatly bolsters the Vikings and Saints defenses, four starting linemen — Minnesota’s Kevin and Pat Williams and New Orleans’ Charles Grant and Will Smith — are cleared to [...]

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