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Authors and Publisher of Baseball Steroids Book Sued for Defamation, According to The Gibson Law Firm

HOUSTON and WASHINGTON, Aug. 10 /PRNewswire/ — The publisher and authors of a book about steroid use in major league baseball were sued today by a Texas man who says they falsely claimed he was “pushing” steroids to professional athletes and using his gym as a front for selling drugs, according to The Gibson Law [...]

Anabolic Steroids -The consumer, the FDA and the Manufacturer

Even If the most conscientious consumer sifted through the mountains of available information and then carefully weighed each source of the information prior to making a determination if a product was safe, it would take hundreds of hours for some products. Even after completing the research, the consumer is at a distinct disadvantage in trying [...]

Study Finds Overweight Asthmatic People Respond Less To Steroid Treatment

New York, NY (AHN) – People with asthma who are overweight or obese do not respond well to the inhaled steroids that are often used to treat the disease, new studies have found. Asthma treatments are 40 percent less effective in obese asthmatic patients because obesity limits the pathways by which steroids reduce inflammation in [...]

Mandarich admits steroid use in TV interview

New York — Former NFL draft bust Tony Mandarich, a native of Oakville, Ont., says he used steroids at Michigan State University and faked a drug test before the 1988 Rose Bowl. He also said during an interview on Inside the NFL that will air today on Showtime that he did not use steroids in [...]

‘Bigger, Stronger, Faster*’ Sheds Light on Steroids

Steroids equal bad — so spins the common thread, linking anabolic steroids to drug abuse, cheating, “’roid rage” and other ills such as testicular shrinkage. A new documentary aims to reveal that a number of common conceptions about steroids are misinformed. Director Chris Bell was the runt of three boys, all obsessed with wrestling, Arnold [...]

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