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Landis Finally Admits The Truth About His Use Of Exotic Performance Enhancing Drugs!

Super cyclist, Floyd Landis has finally admitted what many of us have suspected; he was under the influence of performance enhancing drugs when he won the Tour de France in 2006. And then, he proceeded to throw Lance Armstrong under the bus as well as by accusing him of using cycling’s favorite drug, erythropoietin (EPO).

EPO is a potent drug that increases red blood cells which then carry more oxygen to the muscles for greater endurance and muscle recovery.

However, EPO is highly dangerous because it can cause such concentration of red blood cells and spike in blood pressure that it has led to the death of a number of endurance athletes. Additionally, Landis admitted to using testosterone as well, which is also banned by every athletic association.

Perhaps most disappointed though, were the dozens of Landis supporters who financed his legal defense fund to the tune of nearly 1.5 million dollars because they believed in his innocence; oh how the mighty have fallen. However, if Landis had done his homework, he could have avoided all this embarrassment and loss of reputation by using other “means” to legally increase his performance. For example, many companies are now creating effective EPO like products that are perfectly legal.

One company has created an effective product that is a blend of EPO and Testosterone “rolled into one” called TestoXterone. This innovative pill increases both oxygen and testosterone, hence the blended name.

But the best news of all is, TestoXterone doesn’t cause the red blood cells to be so thick that it internally coagulates and clogs the arteries. Additionally, unlike synthetic testosterone, TestoXterone does not decrease the body’s natural testosterone production… it actually increases it! Another company Klein Becker has also created a natural EPO type product called Oxydrene, however, it does not have the testosterone prong added to it.

So maybe, just maybe, athletes will wake up one day and instead of seeking a dirty doctor for illegal performance enhancers… they’ll seek fitness and bodybuilding magazines and the internet for safer, natural alternatives.

More information on TestoXterone and Oxydrene is available at .